Sheet Metal Fabrication

Viking Heating specializes in making, installing, and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct systems; roofs; siding; rain gutters; downspouts; skylights; restaurant equipment; outdoor signs; railroad cars; tailgates; customized precision equipment; and many other products made from metal sheets. We also work with fiberglass and plastic materials.We measure, cut, bend, shape, and fasten pieces of sheet metal to make ductwork, countertops, and other custom products. Viking Heating offers both construction-related fabrication and mass production of sheet metal products. At Viking Heating we will first study the plans and specifications of your job to determine the kind and quantity of materials needed to complete your job within budget and on time. 

In addition to fabrication and installation of sheet metal products, Viking Heating specializes in testing, balancing, adjusting, and servicing existing air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Viking Heating will ensure your system is functioning properly and efficiently. We will make sure your duct system is properly installed to ensure the efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning and  HVAC systems. We are not only Sheet Metal Fabricators but highly trained and skilled HVAC technicians.

Viking Heating is a sheetmetal fabricator of round, rectangular and spiral HVAC ductwork and fittings for residential and commercial applications. At Viking Heating it is our goal to support our customers without regard to the sizeof their job. No job is too Big or too small. Most HVAC contractors would like their orders yesterday, we understand this simple fact and have built our business around it. We provide attention to detail and delivery at the earliest possible time. Call Viking Heating today for a FREE Estimate on your next sheet metal fabrication project (503) 665-7891.